Krigers Flak offshore wind farm
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Last updated on 29. April 2014
Krigers Flak offshore wind farm
Before 2020, Kriegers Flak DK will start generating carbon-free electricity. The 600 MW wind farm, to be erected at Kriegers Flak in the waters between the island of Møn, southern Sweden and northern Germany, will be the largest wind farm in Denmark

On 22 March 2012 the Danish government concluded an energy agreement with a majority of the Danish Parliament. Among other things, 600 MW worth of offshore wind turbines will be erected at Kriegers Flak as a result of the agreement. The offshore wind turbines are capable of covering the electricity consumption of appoximately 600,000 households.

Why Kriegers Flak?
The Danish part of Kriegers Flak is a 180 square kilometre area in the Baltic Sea. In 2010, the Danish Energy Agency's Offshore Wind Turbine Committee identified the area as one of the most attractive locations for a future Danish offshore wind farm.

What makes Kriegers Flak special is that Sweden and Germany have also designated areas for offshore wind turbines, and it is estimated that Kriegers Flak will be able to accomodate up to 1,600 MW worth of offshore wind turbines.

The world’s largest offshore electricity grid
In connection with the offshore wind farm at Kriegers Flak and the German TSO (Transmission System Operator) 50Hertz Transmission plan an optimised solution for simultaneously bringing ashore current from the offshore farms, and electricity trading between the countries. This offshore based electricity grid is being optimised and a possible constellation is illustrated in the flash at the top of the page.

The offshore based grid has been approved for funding from the EU at the amount of 1.1. billion DKK. With this energy agreement the framework for Kriegers Flak has now been defined, and in cooperation with 50Hertz Transmission can optimise the technical solution for the offshore grid. Simultaneously the parties will enter a dialogue with the EU Commission on securing the funding.’s tasks must build and run the technical facilities connecting the offshore turbines with the electricity grid in order that the current can be transported from the turbines to the consumers.

Before the grid connection can be implemented the Climate, Energy and Building Minister must approve the actual project according to the Danish Act on

Besides has been ordered to make environmental research and prepare an environmental impact assessment of the offshore wind farm, before the Danish Energy Agency call for one or more work concessions for construction of offshore turbines at Kriegers Flak. 


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EU funding
Kriegers Flak has been granted funding from the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR)



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