Video: Plug-in wind – from offshore wind turbine to consumer
Last updated on 28. January 2016
Video: Plug-in wind – from offshore wind turbine to consumer
See a video showing how transmits power from offshore wind farms to the onshore main electricity grid.

Chapter 1 - Introduction: Why wind power?
Chapter 2 - Wind power in Denmark: Today and into the future
Chapter 3 - Offshore wind farms: Where do we place them?
Chapter 4 - Transmitting power ashore: Connecting wind farms to the power system
Chapter 5 - Anholt offshore wind farm: Connecting the wind farm to the power system

Denmark is a windy country. So windy that offshore wind power, in theory, could meet most of our energy demand. In the coming years, new offshore wind farms will crop up around Denmark, hugely increasing the generation of wind energy.

Connecting an offshore wind farm to the electricity grid is a very complex process. The process of planning, constructing facilities and connecting the offshore wind farm to the existing electricity grid usually takes five years.

This is the story of how power generated by offshore wind turbines ends up in the consumers’ sockets.

One of the world’s largest offshore wind farms will be erected between Djursland and the island of Anholt. With a capacity of 400 MW, it will be twice as big as the largest existing farms in Denmark. is responsible for ensuring that the power from the new offshore wind farm can be brought onshore for transmission through the main electricity grid.

See our video showing how we bring the power onshore and to consumers.


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