Grid connection of Anholt offshore wind farm
Last updated on 11. January 2016
Grid connection of Anholt offshore wind farm

With 400 MW, Anholt wind farm becomes Denmark’s largest wind farm. The 111 wind turbines can produce enough electricity to supply 400,000 households. This means that the wind farm can deliver about 4 pct. of the Danish consumption of electricity. The wind farm is built by Dong Energy. is building and operating the technical facility that brings the electricity from the wind farm to the national onshore grid.

Transportation of the power from the wind farm to the existing grid consists of four main elements:

• A transformer platform collects the power from the wind farm and increases the voltage
• A sea cable transports the power ashore
• A cable station in Grenaa
• A land cable transports the power to an existing transformer station in Trige

Back ground:
Building the wind farm was decided in the Energy Policy agreement of 2008.
In October 2008 received an order from the Minister of Climate, Energy and Building to build the grid connection to Anholt wind farm. For further information see the webpage of the Energy Agency.

The budget for the grid connection is 1.3 billion DKK.

The grid connection: has made a short film on how we connect wind farms – see the film here.


The grid connections has been in operation since June 2012 ahead of schedule ready to serve the wind farm that was completed in September 2013.


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