New 400 kV line from Kassø to Tjele
Last updated on 15. January 2016
New 400 kV line from Kassø to Tjele is building a new and stronger 400 kV line between Kassø near Aabenraa and Tjele near Viborg to replace the existing 400 kV line. The expansion is necessary to ensure the integration of increasing amounts of wind energy into the power system.

The new connection is build along the existing row of towers, which will be removed when the new connection is operational.

The high-voltage line between Kassø and Tjele is one of the vital energy transport routes in the Danish power system.

Why a new high-voltage line?
There are two important reasons why Denmark needs a new and stronger power line between Kassø and Tjele:

Precondition for integrating more wind energy into the power system
The power line is a key element in enabling Denmark to realise its ambitious climate policy and ensuring that a large part of the power is generated using renewables, in particular wind energy.

When a major part of electricity generation is dependent on how much the wind blows, must ensure that alternatives are available when the wind turbines are not generating power or are producing more power than the Danish consumers could possibly use.

Together with the power links to Norway, Sweden, Germany and possibly also the Netherlands, the new line will ensure that Denmark can import electricity from neighbouring countries when the wind is not blowing. The power line will also be used for exporting electricity in those periods when electricity consumption is lower than wind power production.

Undergrounding of low-voltage grids
A new and stronger 'backbone' in the Jutland power system has also been set out as a precondition in the cable action plan prepared by the regional transmission companies and

The cable action plan describes how 132-150 kV grids can be placed underground.


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EU funding
The Kassø-Tjele project receives funding from Trans-European Energy Networks in the amount of EUR 2.5m.


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