Development phase of COBRA Cable extended
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Published on 14 March 2012 12.33
Development phase of COBRA Cable extended
The Dutch and Danish electricity transmission operators TenneT and have decided to continue the development phase of the so-called COBRA cable project.

In the next few years research will be done in a broad perspective, taking into account onshore developments in both Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, as the cable will be part of an integrated European grid.

 In the extended development phase more research will also be conducted to develop a sound business case and a wider analysis of the socio-economic costs and benefits.  The cable can also be a socio-economic benefit to Germany, through the expansion of wind energy. The feasibility study for the COBRA cable is expected to result in a final investment decision in late 2014.
Renewable energy
If the plans are realised, the COBRA Cable will become the first direct power link between Denmark and the Netherlands. The project has been granted 86,5 million euro in support from the European Union's European Energy Programme for Recovery . The purpose of the COBRA Cable is to allow for the integration of more renewable energy into the Dutch and Danish power systems and to increase security of supply. The power link will also help to intensify the desired competition on the Northwest European power markets.
TenneT currently has international cable links with Norway (NorNed cable) and the United Kingdom (BritNed cable). Two additional connections to Norway (NorNed2 and NORD.LINK) are also being explored. has cable links from Jutland to Norway and Sweden, and from Zealand to Sweden and Germany. The Danish TSO is currently also constructing a fourth cable to Norway (Skagerrak 4).

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TenneT Press Office, +31 26 373 2600 or e-mail, Poul-Jacob Vilhelmsen, +4523338675,

About TenneT
TenneT is the electricity transmission operator in the Netherlands and large parts of Germany. With approximately 20,000 kilometres of (extra) high-voltage lines and 36 million end-users in the Netherlands and Germany, the company ranks among the top five grid operators in Europe. TenneT's focus is to develop a Northwest European energy market and to integrate renewable energy. Taking power further.

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As the entity responsible for the electricity and natural gas systems we own the overall energy infrastructure, ensure reliable energy supply and create the framework for well-functioning energy markets and effective integration of renewable energy.
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