The retail market
Last updated on 30. October 2013
The retail market
The Danish retail market - or end users' market - has been liberalized since 2003. This means that Danish electricity consumers have the right to choose from whom they want to buy their electricity. is responsible for ensuring a well-functioning electricity retail market. This means that initiates or participates in work which has the purpose of ensuring that electricicty consumers are offered better products, prices or conditions on the electricity market. Furthermore, is responsible for establishing the rules applying to the retail market within the frames of the Executive Order on transmission system operation and the use of the electricity transmission grid, etc. aims at collaborating with a wide range of players and stakeholders to ensure that small as well as large customers, electricity suppliers, grid companies and authorities are involved in the work. Recent initiatives include: 

  • Introduction of a DataHub, which among other things has the purpose of facilitating change of electricity supplier
  • Completion of an information campaign
  • Participation in the re-launching of the Elpristavlen (webpage on which you can compare electricity prices) 
  • Participation in the establishment of a standard for promoting green energy
  • Participating in the creation of a common Nordic electricity retail market

On the following pages you can read more about eg. green energy, change of electricity supplier, and the roles of various market players on the electicity market. 




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