Intraday market
Last updated on 28. May 2015
Intraday market
Trade and capacity

Intraday market
The intraday market or intraday trade is the trade that takes place during the day of operation when the power exchanges (day-ahead market) are closed. Intraday markets exist on all Danish transmission interconnections to neighbouring areas and on the Great Belt Power Link. 

Elbas is the Nordic exchange for trade in hourly energies ie. up to one hour before delivery hour. Elbas is available on the interconnection to Norway (Skagerrak), Sweden (Konti-Skan and Øresund), Germany (Kontek) and on the Geat Belt Power Link. You can read more about Nord Pool Spot's Elbas market on the link "Nord Pool Spot - Elbas" on the right-hand menu. A comprehensive user instruction in the use of the system can also be downloaded from Nord Pool Spot's webpage - please see the link "Nord Pool Spot - Elbas - help". Guidelines to login can be found on the third link on the right-hand menu.

Capacity platform
On the border between Jutland and Germany the intraday trade is effected through a capacity platform. On the capacity platform access to a transport channel is given; the access is neccesary in order to be able to make use of the intraday trade. Buying and selling energy cannont be effected through the capacity platform, but must be done through bilateral trade or through an intraday trading platform like eg. Elbas.  

A comprehensive user instruction in the use of the capacity platform is available at's webpage - please see the link on the right-hand menu. Login to the system must be made through the "Intraday" link on the right-hand menu.




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