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Last updated on 1. November 2016
Regulations has prepared two different types of guidelines for the players in the power system, namely technical regulations and market regulations.

Market regulations
The rights and obligations of grid companies and commercial players in the Danish power market are regulated by the market regulations.

The market regulations are guidelines that are necessary in order to ensure that the electricity market functions properly and that settlement is performed correctly. The market regulations deal with issues such as terms and conditions for change of supplier, daily handling of notifications, balance settlement and standards governing the transfer of data between players.

The market regulations are primarily aimed at balance responsible parties, electricity suppliers and grid companies.

List of market regulations - see the menu item 'Market regulations' in the left-hand menu.

Technical regulations
The technical regulations are guidelines that are important in order to ensure the physical operation and system security of interconnected high-voltage grids. The technical regulations are primarily aimed at grid companies, plant owners and plant operators. International obligations in connection with the physical system operation have typically been implemented in technical regulations.

List of technical regulations - see the menu item 'Technical regulations' in the left-hand menu. 

The regulations have been notified to the authorities in accordance with Danish legislation.

Historical regulations
For submission of historical provisions for connection of electricity-generating units please contact:
Henning Parbo, e-mail: (concerning market regulations)
Knud Johansen, e-mail: (concerning technical regulations).



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Knud Johansen
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