2013 was a record-setting year for Danish wind power
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Published on 15 January 2014 10.31
2013 was a record-setting year for Danish wind power
Never before has Energinet.dk incorporated so much wind power in the Danish power system as in 2013, and never before did the wind turbines generate what corresponds to more than 50 per cent of the Danes' electricity consumption in one month.

​In December, wind power for the first time reached a level corresponding to more than half of the electricity consumption (54.8 per cent). The Danish politicians have set the objective of 50 per cent wind power in relation to the electricity consumption by 2020.

During the Christmas week (week 52), where the electricity consumption traditionally is a little lower than normal, because factories are closed for the holidays, the wind turbines reached what corresponds to 68.5 per cent of the electricity consumption.

The highest share of wind power in one hour was on 1 December 2013 in the time period between 04.00-05.00. The share was 135.8 per cent. The highest share of wind power in one day was on Saturday 21 December, where the wind turbines generated what corresponds to 102 per cent of the electricity consumption. On the contrary, the share of wind was only 69.1 per cent on 28 October when the hurricane hit Denmark.

When the daily and hourly records did not take place during one of the Autumn's high gales, it is due to the fact that most wind turbines shut down for safety reasons when the wind reaches around 25 metres per second.
The records do not only apply to Denmark. They are also world records. Because no other countries have as large a wind power capacity in proportion to the size of the electricity consumption, as we do in Denmark.

The records are first and foremost attributable to the installation of more wind turbines in 2013. Particularly the large-scale offshore wind farm at Anholt which was completed in 2013 contributed considerably to the wind power capacity. However, 2013 was less windy than a standard year. 

Key figures for wind power*

2013​ 2012​
Wind power generation​ 11.1 billion kWh 10.3 billion kWh
Electricity consumption (including loss in the electricity grid)​ 33.5 ​billion kWh 34.1 ​​billion kWh 
Wind power share of electricity consumption the entire year 33.2%​ 30.1%
Wind power share of electricity consumption in December 54.8% 33.5%​
Wind power capacity at the end of the year 4,792 MW​ 4,166 MW​
Energy content of the wind Approx. 93% of a standard year Approx. 102% of a standard year
* There are several ways to calculate the figures. When taking the average of the wind shares in each hour, you get the average wind share during the hours of the period (unweighed average). This calculation method gives a little higher wind share than the total wind share in the entire period, which is the method Energinet.dk has used in this statement (weighed average calculated as total wind generation of total gross electricity consumption).


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