Danish Christmas runs on green energy
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Published on 23 December 2016 14.55
Danish Christmas runs on green energy
The Danish wind power will on average cover 110 per cent of the electricity consumption December 24 and 25.

​​In those hours where the traditional Danish Christmas roast is in the oven the Danish wind turbines cannot keep up with the electrcity consumption.


If you get an electric car, a selfie drone, 3 D glasses or some other battery-powered gadget for Christmas make sure to charge the batteries during the holidays.if you are in Denmark. 

The wind will reach gale on December 24 and 25, which will give comprehensive green energy. Within the hour of the highest percentage of wind energy wind turbines will provide the equivalent of about 157 per cent of Danish electricity consumption according to Energinet.dk's forecasts.

The gale will also mean that there will be send a huge amount of electricity through Energinet.dk’s high-voltage cables to Norway and Sweden from the Danish wind turbines and the wind turbines in northern Germany. In those hours where the Danish wind power cannot cover the entire electricity consumption electricity will be imported from Germany. This ensures that the power in Denmark will be based on close to 100 per cent wind power.

However, the Danish power plants will still be in use. First, we cannot do without the power plants to produce heat and, secondly, we cannot do without the power plants to ensure stability in the power system.

Follow the electricity generation and consumption minute by minute.


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​In 2015 Danish wind power produced 42 % of the electricity consumption