• CWE-ITVC step 2 launch date 11th of January confirmed
    Publiceret 6. januar 2011 Kl. 12.11
    We hereby inform you on the status of the launch of CWE-ITVC step 2: the inclusion of the NorNed interconnector between Norway and The Netherlands into the Interim Tight Volume Coupling (ITVC).
    On behalf of the project partners, we are pleased to report that the required parallel and procedural tests have been completed successfully, and that the launch date of 11th of January is now confirmed.
    Ramping restrictions will apply on NorNed as for the other interconnectors between the Nordic region and the Continent . One specific implication for NorNed is that adverse flows (and prices) when the flow direction is changing are likely to be more significant than on the other ITVC-supported interconnectors. This is due to the fact that the transmission capacity on NorNed exceeds the maximum permitted change of flow of 600 MW from one hour to the next (the “ramp rate”).