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Last updated on 16. December 2013
Current calls
If you have a project idea which may contribute to the Danish electricity and energy system being 100 per cent based on RE, you now have the opportunity to apply for financial funding from the two PSO-funded programmes,ForskEL and ForskVE.
Deadline for submitting applications to this year’s call from the ForskEL and ForskVE programmes was 12 September 2013. The applications submitted in time have received a confirmation per email.
The applications will be reviewed based on the review criteria stated in the tender documents. In this connection, a consultation procedure of each application will be carried out in the period 11-20 October 2013. The procedure will be carried out via the project site at The project manager will receive an email on this shortly before the consultation procedure starts.
The communication between applicant and ForskEL and ForskVE secretariat will be made via the project manager. If you are a partner in an application and have questions to the review/consultation procedure, you should contact the project responsible partner about these issues.
A final plan for the implementation of ForskEL and ForskVE programmes is expected to be available in late November 2013.


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