Smart Grid
Last updated on 9. September 2014
Smart Grid
Denmark is a world leader when it comes to developing tomorrow's green, flexible and intelligent power system - a power system where the generation, transport and consumption of power is linked intelligently.

The power system will become the backbone of the energy system of tomorrow, featuring completely new electricity-generation sources and new types of electricity consumption - a power system characterised by flexible generation and a high level of renewables.

It will be a power system with a strong power grid capable of transporting large amounts of renewables around in an interconnected, international market to the places where the power is consumed and where the energy has the greatest value.

A power system featuring demand response, for example in the form of electric boilers, electric vehicles and heat pumps, so that wind energy can be used when it is available in ample volumes.

Everything is controlled automatically ensuring that all parts of the system act coherently and intelligently. This is the intelligent power system - this is Smart Grid. and the Danish Energy Association have teamed up to prepare the report 'Smart Grid in Denmark'.

Smart Grid in Denmark 2.0
In 2011, the Smart Grid Network published 35 recommendations for implementing Smart Grid in Denmark. The Danish Energy Association and formed the DanGrid partnership to address three of these recommendations:

  • “Concept for power system operation” (recommendation no. 22)
  • “Information model for data communication” (recommendation no. 23)
  • “Road map for roll-out of the Smart Grid” (recommendation no. 24)

The findings are published in the "Smart Grid in Denmark 2.0" report – available here.


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