Last updated on 21. January 2016
Energinet.dk is a member of ENTSO-E, a collaboration between European Transmission System Operators (TSOs), and is active in several working groups within a number of areas.

Within R&D, Energinet.dk is represented by Kim Behnke in Working Group R&D. The group is charged with preparing annual plans for the R&D that will be in high demand in coming years, especially in relation to Smart Grids and pan-European transmission systems. The first R&D plan was published in March 2010.

Smart Grids is one of the seven prioritised areas in the EU SET plan – a strategy for how we can reach the 20-20-20 goals. Apart from ENTSO-E R&D, a ’European Industrial Initiative (EII)’ within Smart Grids, ’European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI)’, has also been established with the task of developing the future European power systems in close collaboration with transmission companies, distribution companies and the industry. Representatives of both ENTSO-E, the European organisations for distribution companies EDSO, the industry as well as the member states sit on the EEGI. The EEGI published its R&D plan in May 2010. It is closely coordinated with ENTSO-E’s R&D plan.


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