New film: Future wind power turned into gas
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Published on 30 November 2012 15.02
New film: Future wind power turned into gas has produced a film which shows the way for the future green energy system. Gas will come to play a crucial role. Gas must be integrated with wind turbines, of which we will see many more in the future.

In the future, green gases will play a crucial role. In 2050, all energy in Denmark must come from renewable energy sources – wind, sun, biogas etc. – and many more wind turbines will be spinning in the wind at that time, among other things in large offshore wind farms. has produced a film which points the way to the future.
For what are we going to do on days without wind? And what can we do with the electricity on very windy days when we generate much more power than we can consume ourselves?
The answer is integration. Wind energy must be used here and now, or sold to neighbouring countries – it cannot be stored for days with no wind. But gas is an excellent way to store energy.
The future will see large facilities which convert excess energy from wind turbines into gas.
- A gas system with gas based on renewable energy can become an important contribution towards a switch to a sustainable society – for the benefit of people, the economy and the environment, and this is the message conveyed in the film “Green Gas – Part of the future integrated energy system”.

The film is available in both Danish and English, in a short seven-minute version as well as a longer, more detailed version.


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Film: Green Gas 

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