Capacity orders
Last updated on 14. April 2015
Capacity orders
Shippers can order and purchase's capacity products for durations of from one year to one single day at Nybro, Exit Zone and BNG Entry. Capacity at Ellund and Dragør can only be purchase at PRISMA.

As a shipper you must purchase capacity in order to transport gas in the transmission system. This gives you the right to send gas into or draw gas out of the system, to have the gas transported into the entry points at Nybro, to the exit zone and from BNG Entry.

 Capacity in and out of the storage facility and in and out of the GTF is free of charge as of now.

Capacity is purchased in energy units (kWhg) per hour, i.e. gas measured in the maximum number of energy units, which the shipper can send in or draw out of the system at any given hour of the day.

Capacity can be purchased for the following periods of time:

  • Days
  • Months
    • both calendar month and 30 days' product at Exit Zone and BNG Entry
    • only calender month at Nybro
  • Quarters
  • Years

Ordering of capacity
You can order capacity in two ways:

1. Online booking procedure
The most common way of booking is by using the online booking procedure. Before booking, you need to sign an online access agreement - see more about Online Access Agreements under Rules.

Each shipper must register one or several users as capacity user that shall have access to Online. then provides them with access needed in the online system.
As a shipper you need to make the capacity order using the online booking procedure before 17.00 the day before the first day of the period in which you need the capacity.

2. Manual procedure
Shippers can also order the capacity manually. This is done by sending a capacity order to by email to, as an attached document. The capacity order appendic under Rules.

If you use this procedure the order must be received at 4 banking days before the capacity agreement starts.


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