Products and trade
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Last updated on 14. April 2015
Products and trade
We offer shippers three types of capacity and make facilities available for trade between individual players.

The three capacity products are

  1. entry capacity - capacity into the system, 
  2. transit capacity - capacity out of the system at three specific points
  3. exit-zone capacity - capacity into the Danish distribution areas.
  4. BNG entry kapacitet - capacity into the system of virtuel bio natural gas

The customers can also buy balancing service.

This means that the individual players can buy and resell capacity, balancing service and natural gas bought from

The majority of trade in natural gas is executed on the basis of long-term contracts.
In recent years, an increasing share of the total Danish gas consumption has been traded via's Gas Transfer Facility (GTF), where the shippers can trade bilaterally.

Shippers can also use the gas exchange in Denmark: Gaspoint Nordic

And the european capacity platform PRISMA is used for auction of capacity at Ellund and Dragør. Capacity for the other points can be booked at own platform - Online.



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