Energy and climate
Last updated on 10. August 2015
Energy and climate is responsible for Denmark’s main electricity and gas systems and as such plays a major role in the endeavours to respond to the climate changes by increasing the amount of environmentally-friendly energy.
  • We develop and expand the Danish electricity and gas systems to be able to integrate an increasing amount of renewable energy such as wind power, solar power and biogas into the electricity and gas grids.
  • We support research and development in environmentally-friendly power production.
  • We administer the public funds for wind turbines and other generators of environmentally-friendly electricity.
  • We support research and development in how the natural gas grid can be used to transport renewable energy in the form of biogas, for example.

The rest of the world considers Denmark to be a pioneer country in the field of production and development of renewable energy, especially wind energy. Read more in the Danish wind case.

The Danish government has a vision of Denmark being independent of fossil fuels in the long run. This means that we have to integrate an increasing amount of renewable energy, particularly wind energy, into our energy systems. The government has a goal that in 2025, renewable energy will cover at least 30% of our energy consumption.

We are working to expand and develop a far more flexible energy system that will be able to handle the massive expansion of renewable energy in Denmark without jeopardising security of supply and a well-functioning energy market.


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