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17.06.2016 | CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTThe energy data store turns up its communications
Today, Friday June the 17th, 2016, the energy data store project team launches a new project website. With this new website the project team intends to increase...
15.02.2016 | CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTEasy access to energy data for everyone is now in the process of establishing an easily accessible platform for sharing energy data. For a start, from the summer of 2017, everyone will to...
03.03.2015 | CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTLess CO2 emissions from electricity consumption in 2014
An increase in electricity generated by wind turbines and a decrease in electricity generated by the Danish coal and natural gas-fired power plants resulted in ...
08.03.2012 | CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTElectricity consumers emitted less CO2 in 2011
Power generation from wind turbines increased by 25% last year, while biomass consumption was almost at the same high level as in 2010.
08.03.2011 | CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTMore power from straw and wind in 2010
With biomass-based power generation up 50 per cent and wind power up 16 per cent relative to 2009, the transition to a fossil fuel-free society took a big step ...
05.07.2010 | CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTEnvironmental Report 2010
Environmental Report 2010 is now available in English.
1-6 of about 6 results