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Last updated on 10. August 2015
Financial aspects’s economy is based on a break-even principle as the executive order on the financial regulation of only allows the company to include the necessary costs of efficient operations plus the necessary return on the equity. This means that all the necessary costs incidental to the activities in question are covered by the tariffs. Necessary costs are costs which the company incurs, based on considerations of its operating economy, in order to maintain efficient operations.

The consequence of the self-financing principle is that over time the financial result for the year will, when disregarding the rate of return on the net capital, be nil.

Audit’s annual reports are audited by the National Audit Office of Denmark in pursuance of the Danish Financial Statements Act and in pursuance of the Act on the Auditing of Governmental Accounts etc.

An agreement concerning internal auditing has been made between the National Audit Office of Denmark and the Minister for Climate and Energy and The internal auditor, who must be state authorised, is appointed by the Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate following a recommendation from the Supervisory Board. The internal auditor must be the auditor of’s subsidiaries.


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