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Last updated on 5. January 2017
Press contact
You are always welcome to contact’s communications department.

If you have specific questions, seek explanations to questions concerning our tasks, would like our opinion on current issues, want an interview, etc. we will help you to contact the persons who are best qualified to answer.


Jesper Nørskov Rasmussen, Press Officer
Tel. +45 76 22 48 20
Mobile +45 23 33 85 75


Karin Tronbech Hansen
Karin Tronbech Hansen, Communications Adviser
Tel. +45 44 87 34 02
Mobile +45 23 33 87 28


Anne Maarbjerg Rasmussen, Communications Adviser
Tel. +45 76 22 48 12
Mobile +45 51 67 79 05


If you would like to receive press releases and other news from by email, you can subscribe to the service via the menu at the top of the page.

Information concerning disruptions
Corporate Communications is part of’s preparedness in connection with system disturbances, accidents etc. In the event of major power cuts or accidents involving gas, priority is initially given to informing the public via Danmarks Radio, TV2, Ritzau and Associated Press. Our website is also regularly updated with news in the event of system disturbances, incidents or accidents.


Karin Tronbech Hansen+4523338728Send mail
Karin Tronbech Hansen


You are welcome to contact us if you have specific questions about this page. See contact particulars in the top-right corner.

You can find our general contact information here.