Our corporate social responsibility - CSR
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Last updated on 30. October 2012
Our corporate social responsibility - CSR
Energinet.dk is a public enterprise entrusted with an important social task. So it is perfectly natural for us also to focus on CSR.

Energinet.dk is a public enterprise entrusted with great social responsibility. We were established to perform our tasks from a holistic, social perspective taking security of supply, economy, the environment and efficient energy markets into consideration. So it is only natural that we also focus on CSR - our corporate social responsibility.

Energinet.dk wants to be known as a decent, proper and honest enterprise.

As the owner of the main electricity and natural gas grids in Denmark, we are responsible for consumers’ always having electricity and gas readily available (security of supply), well-functioning electricity and gas markets, and efficient integration of renewable energy.

We administer public funds for renewable energy and support research and development in environmentally friendly power generation. We also calculate the emissions of environmentally hazardous substances from the entire energy system – not only from Energinet.dk as an enterprise but also from the electricity and natural gas sectors. Moreover, under the legal framework, we strive to make our installations as invisible as possible in the landscape.

In the coming years we also have two main social tasks:

  • The integration of renewable energy into the power system and integrated planning of the energy systems in order for us to contribute to more renewable energy in the sectors not subject to emission allowances, ie the heating sector (eg heat pumps) and the transport sector (electric vehicles).
  • The future supply of natural gas as the least polluting transitional fuel on the way to a society free from fossil fuels.

We have chosen our CSR focus areas as a natural continuation of these social tasks and our company background.

This is what we do:

  • Energinet.dk adopted a CSR policy in 2009.
  • Energinet.dk joined UN Global Compact in 2009 and use Global Compact’s ten principles as the starting point for our CSR work.
  • Energinet.dk focuses its efforts in three areas: employees, the environment and climate, and the supplier chain.

Read more about our corporate social value here:

  • Annual Environmental Report for the electricity and natural gas sector
  • The Danish wind case
  • Energinet.dk and the climate


Read Energinet.dk's social responsibility report 2011 here


Energinet.dk's social responsibility report 2010

The report describes Energinet.dk's social responsibility work in 2010, the results achieved and the objectives for 2011.

Energinet.dk's focus on social responsibility centres on three areas: human resources, procurement, and climate and the environment. Energinet.dk also has an important role to play in converting Denmark into a fossil-fuel free society where wind power will play a pivotal role.

An English version of the report is sent to UN Global Compact.

Read the report here (e-pages).

Download a pdf version of the report here.

Openness and transparency
We are aware that customers, cooperative partners, citizens, authorities, the press and other stakeholders expect us to communicate openly and transparently about our activities as reflected in our communications policy.


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