Invitation to test countertrade publications

Energinet and NUCS hereby invite market participants to test countertrade publications (via website and/or API) on NUCS´s test site.

Dear Danish balance-responsible parties

Energinet and NUCS hereby invites you to test countertrade publications (via website and/or API) on NUCS´s test site prior to the initiation of procurement of countertrade energy in the intraday market.

The test date is Friday 3 March 2023 from 8.00-15.00. Please verify access to NUCS test at least a day in advance of the test

Throughout the day, Energinet will publish intraday countertrade volumes for DK1 delivery days 03 Mar 2023 and 04 Mar 2023, as well as changes to already published volumes, several times at irregular intervals.

Only users of NUCS can participate in the test and use API on NUCS.

Therefore, please register on NUCS here: and explicitly request an account for the TEST environment on 10 February at the latest to initiate the process of becoming a NUCS user to be ready for the test.

If an account for the production environment is also relevant for the same user, please request an account for both the TEST environment and the production environment when registering on NUCS.

Log on to the test system:

Once logged on, please go to your profile on NUCS to find the API security secure tolken.  

In case this doesn’t work, please contact, or on the phone +420 221 400 948 between 8.00-16.00 on workdays.

We have already published test volumes on the countertrade site on NUCS on 21 December 2022 for DK1,  meaning that a functional test of the NUCS API can be done at any point in time after becoming a user on NUCS.

Find more information about the methodology here: Modhandel (

Please note that the go-live date is published in the sub-header (unfortunately in Danish only).

Best regards,
Energinet and NUCS

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